I make art to explore, understand, and connect

Daily experience, to me, is a way to find the thread that connects everything in our world. Invisible in our everyday experience, and revealing itself only when we pay enough attention, it is beyond words and beyond any divides. My art is an expression of this universality.

I usually start with script-like marks in my art that are not part of any language and are universal by nature. I then continue to build layers by responding to the energy and flow of each mark and brush stroke. This process takes on a life of its own.

Layers in my paintings are the metaphoric representation of the layers we all have within ourselves. They are a representation of my experience between what we perceive and what is beyond.

Patterns and symbols in my paintings come from a multitude of cultural and art influences such as Arabic calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, ancient languages, Indian textiles, and graffiti walls.

My work is an invitation to the viewer to bring their own experiences and connect with the universal.