“Some ephemeral moments must be given a memory, because the temporality of an instant may radiate a twinkle of eternity.   ( "Crystallization under an umbrella" )” - Erik Pevernagie

I find that everything in our physical world to be temporary. Whether it’s a feeling that lasts a few minutes or a flower that lasts a few days, everything seems to have an expiration date. 

Inspired by these ephemeral moments, I capture and explore the questions, ideas and feelings that arise within me in a painting, While giving these fleeting moments longevity through my art, I hope that my viewers and I can enjoy and explore these temporal moments just a bit longer.

I hope to one day find and experience the eternal truth that is constant and behind all that is temporal.

I usually start with an idea or a feeling that I have experienced. I begin painting with washes and calligraphic script-like forms. I then continue to build by responding to the energy and flow of each mark and paint stroke. This process takes on a life of its own.

Layers in my paintings are the metaphoric representation of the layers we all have within ourselves that allow us to see and experience beauty but never allow us to be one with it. There’s a beautiful dance, a mysterious tease so to speak, that happens within many layers in my paintings. It’s a representation of my experience between the logical and intuitive reality. 

Patterns and symbols in my paintings come from a multitude of cultural and art influences that I have been intimately associated with such as Arabic calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, Ancient languages, Indian textiles, and Graffiti walls.

I paint black edges on the sides of finished paintings to symbolize the painting process. To me black is the color of nothingness. It represents the way a painting takes a visual form from nothing (edges) to something (painting).

My work is an invitation for the viewer to see beyond the surface, to listen beyond logic, and to experience beyond identity.