To create my paintings, I use diverse materials such as cardboard, plaster, paper, fabric, pastel, charcoal, and acrylic to build many layers that create unexpected, rich textures and marks akin to complex human experiences. I use cardboard to build structure into the painting. For me, the bending and molding of the cardboard in forming shapes and structures symbolizes transformation and struggle. My choice of delicate rice paper is a reference to our human perception's fragile and ephemeral aspects. 

Growing up I was surrounded by graffiti scribbled in languages that I didn’t speak or read. This influence finds its way into my art. Script-like marks, drawn entirely from the subconscious, symbolize the inexpressible elements of my human experience — the unspoken words, the dreams that dissolve upon waking, the collective subconscious of humanity.

Their abstract forms hint at the deep connection we share, and how we communicate with one another beyond the conventional structures of language.

My art aims to portray the beautiful alchemy of logic and mystery, producing moments of profound insight and connection that feel both inexplicably familiar and startlingly new.